Best Quilting Pins for Piecing [Reviews & FAQs]

Best Sewing Thread Racks for Quilting

Are you on the lookout for the best quilting pins on the market? Do you want to use the right pins for your appliqué work?

Quilting pins serve a number of different purposes and are one of the most essential tools in every quilter’s kit. However, there are a number of different types of quilting pins on the market and searching for the right ones can get confusing.Best Sewing Thread Racks for Quilting

Should you choose flower-head pins? Should you choose appliqué pins? Which manufacturer’s pins should you use?

If you are confused by those questions, we have all the answers for you.



In this article, we’ll give you an overview of the best quilting pins for piecing on the market. As such, you can make an informed decision and purchase the right quilting pins.

Quilting Pins Product Reviews

1. Valar Dohaeris 800 Pieces Sewing Glass Head Ball Straight Quilting Pins

100 Clover Extra Fine Patchwork Pins

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This Valar Dohaeris set of pins is extremely versatile. A single pack comprises 800 pieces available in 8 different colors — black, white, yellow, orange, red, green, light blue, and dark blue. You get 100 pins of each color. These nickel-plated steel pins are 1.5” in length and 0.3mm in width. This essentially makes them some of the thinnest pins available. As such, you should also be very careful with them because they’re easy to lose and you might accidentally sew over them with a machine. The entire set also includes a tomato pin cushion. The cushion doesn’t stand up very well, but it’s great for holding the pins. Overall, I would say this set gives you the greatest value for money.

2. Dritz Quilting 3035 Crystal Glass Head Pins

Dritz Quilting 3035 Crystal Glass Head Pins, 100 Count

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The Dritz Quilting 3035 Crystal Glass Head Pins are perfect for basting purposes. A single pack comes with 100 1-7/8-inch nickel-plated steel pins. The heads on these pins are made of 5mm heat-resistant crystal glass balls. The entire set is sold in a reusable plastic box. They are extremely long and thin, which can be both a benefit and a drawback. If you drop them, it’s difficult to see them as you try to pick them up and the machine easily glides over them. However, they are also extremely sharp and retain their edge for a long period.

3. Dritz 250 Piece Quilting Extra Fine Glass Head Pins

100 Clover Extra Fine Patchwork Pins

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The Dritz Glass Head Pins is a pack of 250 extra-fine straight nickel-plated steel pins that are perfect for basting and quilting. The pins are held within a reusable plastic box and the length of each pin is 1-3/8”. With a .5mm shaft, these pins are extremely thin and sharp and their head is made of 5mm heat-resistant crystal glass balls.

4. 100 Clover Extra Fine Patchwork Pins

100 Clover Extra Fine Patchwork Pins

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This is a set of Clover’s extra-fine straight patchwork pins. A single product features 2 plastic reusable boxes, each containing 100 pins. In length and width, the pins measure 1-1/2” and 0.4mm respectively. As such, they are long and extremely thin, capable of smoothly passing through any type of fabric. They can also be ironed as the heads are made of heat-resistant glass.

5. Clover Q2509 Quilting Pins

100 Clover Extra Fine Patchwork Pins

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Clover Q2509 is a pack of 100 fine stainless steel quilting pins that measure 48mm in length and 0.6mm in width. As such, they are slightly thicker than the other pins on this list, but they’re also extremely cheap. The pin heads are made of iron-proof glass. They are also magnetic so they can be stuck to a Grabit magnetic pin cushion and they are also easier to collect from the floor if they fall down.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Quilting Pins

In this section of the article, we’ll answer some commonly asked questions related to quilting pins.

What are quilting pins used for?

Quilting pins are used for patchwork purposes to hold fabric together. They are essential for piecing, needle-turn appliqué work, and for quilt basting before the process of quilting begins.

What are the different types of quilting pins?

There are three major types of quilting pins available.

  • Flower Head Pins: These are long fine pins and they usually have a flat (usually colorful) head. They are used for pinning seams during patchwork when they are pinned perpendicular to the worked-upon fabric. These pins lie extremely closely and flat. As such, you can stitch over them and then easily remove them without your seams coming loose. Sometimes people even stitch on top of these pins’ heads to ensure there is no slippage.
  • Appliqué Pins: These are extremely small pins used mostly for appliqué work when pinning tiny fabric strips. If you’re piecing by hand, you can also use them to heavy pin curved seams.
  • Curved Safety Pins: These are malleable brass safety pins. As such, they can easily be curved however you like. They are used to pin the quilt’s top, wadding, and back before the quilting is done. They are easy to work with and can be easily removed as well. However, while basting a quilt with these, it’s possible that your fingers might hurt a bit.

What is the ideal material for the quilting pins?

Quilting pins are usually made of brass, steel, or nickel or a combination of the three. However, my favored pins are made of nickel-plated steel because they are the most lightweight and they are magnetic. It’s important to get magnetic pins because they are easier to arrange and you can run a magnet through the floor to ensure all the pins have been picked up. This is useful as no stray pins are left behind only to stab someone on the foot.

What are the most reputable manufacturers of quilting pins?

The most popular and reputable manufacturers of quilting pins are Clover, Dritz, and Collins. In this review, we have given you selections from Clover and Dritz, and another relatively new manufacturer that offers great value.

Wrapping Up!

So have you decided which quilting pins are right for your specific needs? If so, go ahead and start quilting and piecing with the best quilting pins out there!

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